9 Best InDesign Tutorial & Classes [2020]

1. Adobe InDesign CC – Essentials Training Course (Udemy)2. Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training (Udemy)3. Free InDesign CC 2018 Training Course (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)4. Online Adobe InDesign Bundle Classes for Beginners & Experts (Skillshare)5. Adobe InDesign CC: Your Complete Guide to InDesign (Udemy)6. Graphic Design Bootcamp (Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign)7. InDesign CC 2018 MasterClass8. Adobe InDesign Classes Online (Creativelive)9. InDesign CC for Creative Professionals (Pluralsight)

Best Adobe InDesign Course, Class, Programs, Tutorial, Training & Certification Online

A team of 30+ global experts have done in depth research to come up with this list of Best Adobe InDesign Tutorial, Course, Training, Classes, Program & Certification for 2020 – 2019. It includes both paid and free learning resources available online to help you learn InDesign. Suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.

7 Best Adobe InDesign Classes [2020 UPDATED]

1. Adobe InDesign CC – Essentials Training Course (Udemy)

Daniel Walter Scott will teach you to build professional brochures, company newsletters, and a variety of reports using Adobe InDesign CC. Alternatively, if you want to learn Graphic Designing, then check out our takes on Best Graphic Design Courses.

Key USPs –

– Comes with 76 lectures spanning across 5 hours of video tutorial

– In one course, you will learn designing a newsletter, flyer, brochure, business cards and much more

– You will learn techniques used by professional graphic designers

– You can even learn the tricks in this course using a free trial Adobe InDesign CC 2018 Version

– The trainer Daniel Walter Scott is an Adobe Certified Instructor and a UI/UX Specialist

– Daniel has been teaching for 14+ years and he comes with a background in media design and content creation

Rating : 4.8 out of 5

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Review : It was a very comprehensive course. The course takes along the learner and we get a chance to apply the new things practically to get a better grip on the things taught. I think I am ready to create my own stuff after taking this course. The course has also increased my motivation and interest to learn further and get more experience. – Muhammad Bilal Iqbal

2. Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training (Udemy)

In this advanced InDesign tutorial, you will be taught advanced concepts of InDesign CC and is ideally suited only for those who have basic knowledge of the software.

Key USPs –

– Comes with 7 hours on-demand video and 56 Supplemental Resources

– You get full lifetime access to the course content and a certificate of completion

– Learn multiple shortcuts and speed tips to increase your efficiency while working

– Learn to create PDF Forms, charts and infographics

– All through the course and after completion, you will get access to help forum

– Tutorial is regularly updated

Rating : 4.8 out of 5

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Review : Amazing course!!! I started off as a bit of a dabbler, but now I feel like an InDesign expert after working through the course & exercise files. From here on out, I’ll be applying all your super cool bits to all my future projects. Thanks Dan … love your work! – Ruth Chambers

3. Free InDesign CC 2018 Training Course (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

David Blatner, President at CreativePro Network, Inc offers a comprehensive training for InDesign CC 2018 in this course on LinkedIn Learning.

Key USPs –

– Course is effectively free since first month access on LinkedIn Learning is free

– The trainer, David Blatner is the author / co-author of 10+ books. He is also the Co-founder of InDesign Magazine and co-publisher of CreativePro dot com

– The course is ideally suited for beginners

– You get 6.5 hours of video tutorial in the program

– Learn to navigate and customize the workspace, manage documents and work with text frames and graphics

– Learn to export and print finished documents, create interactive PDFs as well as flexible master pages.

– Includes a quick-start guide that teaches the basics in quick time

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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4. Online Adobe InDesign Bundle Classes for Beginners & Experts (Skillshare)

Creators swear by the Skillshare platform since it allows them to take up thousands of courses around different aspects of creativity at a fixed subscription cost. Designing is no different, and the company has hosted hundreds of courses around InDesign and other tools of the Adobe Creative suite for you to choose from. This is beneficial both for students wanting to master a particular aspect of InDesign and professionals seeking different perspectives & learning techniques.

Key USPs –

– Choose from a variety of courses including digitizing watercolor illustrations, designing posters, game design and more

– Specific courses dedicated to help you understand the fundamentals of InDesign, advanced training on the subject as well as a masterclass

– If you are short on time, you can also choose a crash course on the subject

– First month trial is at nearly zero cost and the monthly cost afterwards is also low, giving you high quality teaching with affordability

Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review : I have been using InDesign for quite sometime now. And while I am decently proficient in the program it really helped to go back to the basics and find out what slipped through the cracks of my training. These lessons really helped straighten out some of my long term confusions and made me more comfortable and able to use the program going forward. I thank you! – Shay Mossing

5. Adobe InDesign CC: Your Complete Guide to InDesign (Udemy)

Phil Ebiner wants you to become an Adobe InDesign CC Master by teaching you the complete workflow to create PDFs, eBooks, pamphlets and a lot more.

Key USPs –

– Close to 15,000 professionals have already signed up and benefited from this program

– The trainers Phil Ebiner and Kurt Anderson have together taught more than 600,000 students globally

– Kurt is a Multi-Media Designer, Computer Scientist, YouTube Guru and he comes with 8+ years of experience, while Phil is passionate about teaching and sharing his wealth of knowledge since time immemorial

– You can enroll for this program without any prior experience in designing or InDesign

– Learn to design pamphlets, flyers, eBooks, PDFs, brochures in addition to lot of other formats

– Become well versed with all InDesign tools and functions

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : The instructor is very clear and easy to follow – best explanation I’ve seen yet to a number of basic functions that I found confusing in other courses. The assignments are very helpful in cementing the lessons. – Janice Small

6. Graphic Design Bootcamp (Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign) 

In one course, Derrick Mitchell will teach you the essentials of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as he makes you design real-world projects through the duration of the program.

Key USPs –

– In one program, you will learn about all the important Adobe Creative suite tools which will empower you to be a better designer

– Comes with 15.5 hours of on demand video, 9 Supplemental Resources all with full lifetime access

– The skills you learn in this tutorial will prepare you to get employed in the industry

– Attendees have given the training high rating and some very good reviews

– The trainer Derrick has taught over 300,000 students globally

– Derrick is also the owner of a design agency and has worked with clients across places like Washington D.C., New York, California, Calgary, Austria, Australia, and much more

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : Really lucky to have this lesson as my first online bootcam experience!!! The whole presentation is characterized by clarity, precision, interest and constructive explanations! Great tips for professional use!!! Really helpful and motivating! Thanks Derrick Mitchell for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!!! Wish you the best!!! – Stella Vrakopoulou

7. InDesign CC 2018 MasterClass

Martin Perhiniak will help you master the leading Page Design and Layout Application in this comprehensive 10 hour course. Also, check out Best Adobe XD Courses.

Key USPs –

– Even though you may be a beginner, the trainer will teach you InDesign like a professional

– Learn to use useful keyboard shortcuts and best practices

– Course includes advanced automation techniques like GREP and Data Merge

– While the course will start from scratch, it will go on to teach you advanced important concepts

– The trainer, Martin Perhiniak is a Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor, and a very talented teacher

– Martin has been teaching Adobe applications in classrooms, online courses, seminars across the globe

Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review : I like the detailed, step by step instruction that presumes no background knowledge and builds a foundation from the ground up. By the end of the course I am confident I will know all about the program and be able to use it well. – Lisa Greenhut

8. Adobe InDesign Classes Online (Creativelive)

This is a series of 68 programs available for students of InDesign with different level f experience. Work with various software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more. The array of lectures focus on different skills such as designing your first newsletter and presentations, creating eBooks, PDFs and more. If you are a novice in this field then you may start from the basic lesson where the concepts are covered from the core fundamentals. Aside from this, there are plenty of options for experienced learners. By the end of the lessons, you will be armed with the techniques to implement on your own projects.

Key USPs-

– The lectures guide you through all the necessary topics required to handle the tools used in the lessons adequately.

– Instructors provide tips and advice on the best practices to come up with unique, fresh and professional designs.

– Demonstrations and step by step guidance are provided to understand the concepts better.

– Get the opportunity to work on projects and apply the techniques covered in the classes.

– The course is divided into sections along with small assessments or questions which makes it easier to follow along.

– Explore many interesting and new topics with continuous guidance and support from the instructor.

Duration: Self-paced

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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9. InDesign CC for Creative Professionals (Pluralsight)

The programs in this path are designed in such a way that it becomes easy to choose the appropriate one. Divided into three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced, there are a total of 10 courses. Work on practical assignments, projects and attempt challenges to improve your designing, creation of interactive PDFs, eBook publishing skills among the many. With equal importance given to both theory and practice, this path makes sure that it provides a balancing experience.

Key USPs-

– Clear guidance is provided to go through with the necessary installations and setup of the designing tools.

– Learn to navigate through the interface and get acquainted with using the tools and software.

– Follow along with the demonstrations, practice with available examples and solve assignments to get a better understanding of the complete process.

– No prior experience is required to enroll in this course as all the topics are covered from scratch.

– The training is divided into appropriate sections consisting of concise lectures.

– The study material can be accessed for free for the first ten days.

– The advanced series of lectures focus on some advanced skills such as building DPS apps and interactive PDFs.

Duration: 21 hours (approx.)

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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So that was our experts’ take on 10 Best Adobe InDesign Training, Courses, Programs, Tutorials, Classes and Certifications available online for 2020, which will help you learn and excel at it. Do have a look around our website to find more courses on designing and other related fields, and do share this article with your friends if you found this useful.