10 Best Growth Hacking Course, Training & Certification [2020 UPDATED]

A team of 30+ growth hacking experts has done in depth research to come up with this compilation of Best Growth Hacking Course, Training, Certification, Tutorial & Class for 2020. These Growth Hacking courses and certifications are available online and will help you learn and excel at Growth Hacking.

10 Best Growth Hacking Course, Training & Certification [UPDATED 2019]

1. Best Growth Hacking Online Course  (v 5.2)

This is the new updated, comprehensive course on Growth Hacking that covers various aspects such as Google Adwords, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Modern Public Relations, Email Marketing and more.

Davis Jones and Ludell Jones take you on a breathtaking journey that help you take a deep dive into GH by explaining practical concepts like customer action funnels, lean analytics, writing compelling marketing content, telling better stories, email marketing among other concepts that help you go from Digital Marketing 101 to Digital Marketing 2.0 .

With close to 15,000 students having taken up the course and great reviews by participants, we think this will be a great choice for all those looking for a holistic training on the subject and is a sure winner for the title of Best Growth Hacking Course.

Rating : 4.3 out of 5

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Review : AMAZING! Highly recommend it to all who want to be a pro in Digital Marketing, everything has been explained so well, even if you have the very basic knowledge, you’ll not find it tough at all. Standing by my rating, I love its practical aspect. Great tools to add to my list. A great investment. – Mobikon

2. Digital Marketing for Growth Hacking 2018 – 12 Courses in 1

140,000+ students have globally enrolled in this course and they all have amazing things to say about it! The trainers Daragh Walsh and Rob Percival have created a course that is suitable for all, right from beginners to experts. The training packs a tonne of information in 19.5 hours taking you through various Marketing Strategies and Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora , Google Adwords, Google Analytics. It also includes modules on domains such as EMail Marketing, SEO and blogging.

One look at the course and you will know just why it is so good and why we are going all gaga over it.

Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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Review : Great course for beginner and veteran to get overall ways of doing digital marketing. Additionally, with to the point content as well as real life application and examples. I have applied what I have learn from this course and the result been good so far. In my opinion, for what you are paying the value gain is much better. I do recommend this course to anyone who is interested in digital Marketing. – Rajdev Singh Varanachai

3. Growth Hacking through Social Media Marketing – Master 10+ Platforms

25,000+ professionals have taken up this program and have reported amazing results. This one training program will help you learn Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and some more platforms at one go. The trainer Justin O Brien packs all this information in 8.5 hours and is quite regular in both updating the course as well as answering doubts and questions of participants. So if you are in a hurry, yet want something comprehensive to growth hack your growth hacking career, then this is quite an ideal fit.

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : This Course was not only one of the Most informative that i have taken But with it being my First of his courses was surprised at how thorough the explanation for each subject was given that this overview included Ten plus very different social Media Sites!!! Very pleased and Thrilled to Learn that this Course was updated as recent as 7 days before I enrolled! Updated Social Marketing is a must and you Sir are ahead of the Game! Many Thanks. – Megan

4. Facebook Ads & Growth Hacking 2018

Justin again and another magical course. More than 50,000 students have benefited from this course that teaches you all about mastering Facebook. In this 11 hour course, you will learn all about facebook ads, facebook pixels, remarketing, retargeting, and also about the insights and analytics part of facebook. The course is updated regularly, and if you look at the testimonials and reviews, you will know why it is such a highly reputed course. The trainer will help you achieve an average of $0.01 per engagement/like/click with the strategies discussed in the program.

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : This is the most in-depth FB course I’ve ever taken. I’m now able to apply this to my businesses as well as others. – Gregory Haley

5. Top Growth Hacking Course – reach 1,000,000 people with SEO

Oh boy! Like did you read that number? 1,000,000 people! Who doesn’t want to reach out to all of them? This truly remarkable training teaches you cutting edge SEO & social media growth hacking strategies to reach a million people! To understand the scope of the course in detail, it will help you

– Get a crash course in Social Media Marketing and SEO

– Create amazing digital marketing strategies

– Get free publicity for your business

– Increase sales conversions

– Most importantly, learn what works and what doesn’t work in digital marketing

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : Hi everyone! This course is amazing. There’s absolutely no marketing topic that Alex has not covered and you can be assured that he will not waste even a single minute of yours. He is fast in what he has to say and gives good SEO and marketing tips. I bought this course on a discount and there’s absolutely nothing more I could ask for this course. – Harshita Agrawal

6. Growth Hacking Online Course for Startups

This training program is tailor made for all Entrepreneurs and Startups who want to understand best practices to quickly scale up their users, customers, sales and profits. The main agenda of this course is to help startups find more clients and retain them. The best part being that it is no theory, all practical learning as they creators take you through the various strategies that worked for them each time they launched a new product.

CTO Lucas Taylor, Bronson Taylor and Doug Logue take you on this incredible journey as they tell you about the 17 principles of GH that you can effectively use to drive more sales for your products and services. Participant Patrick Jackson feels that the bootcamp is “Extremely valuable information for anyone launching a business and who wants his or her business to achieve rapid growth”

At an average rating of 4.2 out of 5, this is one promising course that you must definitely consider.

Rating : 4.2 out of 5

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Review : Good course, to get into the growth hacking mindset and to get started. The aspects are explained in a very practical way. – Anurag Dwivedi

7. Complete Growth Hacking Course 2018

Well would you want to 5 x existing growth and conversion rate 😀 We know, too good to be true, but when somebody says that you do intend to sit up and take notice. Learn how to add 1000s of leads and subscribers to your lists, bring cart abandoners back to your site to increase ROI, plug the gaps where visitors seem to leaving your website, get to know rare techniques to right price your products and create high converting CTA buttons and landing pages.

This 8 hour long course to learn growth hacking created by iMarket XL and Matt Jensen is one awesome package! We don’t see how you can’t find whatever you are looking for in the domain of GH in this course. Holistic, comprehensive, highly rated and some wonderful testimonials make us put this course in a highly recommended category. Go for it, just go for it!

Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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Review : It’s a very comprehensive course that gives a good overview of what you should be doing to increase your conversions – Spring Sun

8. Become Unstoppable with Data Extraction for Growth Hacking 

Wael Salman, the author is a Technology guru, Software Engineer and Product Manager! He comes with more than 13 years of experience in web and mobile technologies arena and is the best guy around to teach you data extraction strategies for your business or startup!

The web is full of data, and one way of growing faster than others is to get your hands on all that data, faster and cheaper. This course just that, helping you scrap the web, get competitive intelligence, learn growth hacking techniques, generate high quality leads and grow your sales. Your sales team will love you a little more if you took this up and as for your competitors they might get more jealous in the process.

Wael rightly mentions how most companies don’t fail because they don’t have the know how, but because they don’t know how to find more customers in easier ways, affordable ways. This training helps you automate competitor tracking, something most people forget to focus on. So take this up if you want to become an expert on generating a lot of leads, capturing more data, doing deep analysis about competitors and effectively make your business grow. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED growth hacker course from our side.

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9. Growth Hacking: User Onboarding – UX / UI

This quick course helps you learn modern UI/UX techniques that startups are using to accelerate growth. It will help you understand the best practices for user onboarding that can help you acquire new users and convert users into active users. It will also enable you to get access to one of the largest collection of web flows.

In a nutshell, this is a masterclass on conversation optimization, with the collective experience of thousands of experts who have spent countless hours optimizing web pages and websites being made available in a single course. You get to learn best formats of dashboards, homepages and even initial onboarding email.

With good ratings and a target niche being catered by the course, we think it is a really good choice for all those who want to focus on retaining users, converting visitors into customers and up selling to existing customers. You can Sign up Here.

10. Business Branding & Marketing: 5 Brand Strategies For Growth

Jean-Gabriel Paquette is a Best Selling Instructor who has taught over 9000 Students & Entrepreneurs! A top instructor, you better check out this course of his with rapt attention!

This training will help you discover top branding & marketing techniques for your business, master best branding strategies, create a super brand for online businesses & startups and most importantly share with you successful branding examples that you can get inspired from. If you are interested in exploring whatsapp as a means of marketing, then you may want to check out our write up about whatsapp marketing.

At an amazing high rating of 4.9 out of 5, this course should be high on your priority list if you want to learn growth hacking. You can Sign up Here.

So that’s our take on the Best Growth Hacking Courses and Training available Online, if you are looking for more options as well as free courses we recommend you to have a look here. If you liked the article, do share it with your friends over email, facebook, LinkedIn or twitter. We wish you the very best on your growth hacking journey and hope you move faster towards those goals you’ve set up for yourself! You may also want to check out Best Social Media Marketing CoursesBest Mobile Marketing Courses and Facebook Marketing Course. We are Course Booth and we are slowly trying to help everybody find the best courses, training programs from all over the globe 🙂